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Things you should know before starting a career in Salesforce/ technologies

I have been receiving queries about the future on technologies and the opportunities. So here is a little post that covers most of the doubts. This post is relevant to most of the Indian companies and opportunities they present, although some general questions on apply globally. There are two types of people who usually get into technologies. a). Freshers who are out from college who have one thing up their collar, we won't do support work. They brush up a few terms like L1 support, L2 support etc and do it. Again they are further distributed depending on their branch of Engineering. The computer and the IT guys have a little brush up with Java and .Net in their final year and think they know everything there is no know about computers. The ExTC and Mechanical branch students who constantly crib that they copied programs in their data structure subject and the only thing they know is C. b). The second type of people who start their career wi

Brace yourself, The Big (Data) wave is here!!!

Dreamforce is almost over and Sanfransico is now busy getting back on its daily track. Dreamforce is huge, Salesforce enthuist travel from over the globe to Dreamforce. They spend 3 days in SFO listing to speakers like Hilary Clinton, Will.I.Am and ofcourse the one who started it all Marc Benioff. While the attendees are busy chocking the streets of SFO, there are millions like me who test the load balancing of their servers by streaming it live on the web. Lets look at some of the numbers they crunched at dreamforce over the year. In 2012, there were 92,300 attendees Salesforce live had 133,000 viewers in 2012 136,000 mentions of Dreamforce on Social Media in 2013 Marc Benioff's keynote at Dreamforce 2013 generated over 13,000 social mentions If you are in Salesforce ecosystem you already know this, then why am I telling you this again? Because the statistics matter. They matter for Sales team who breathe around their targets. They matter for companies that run on foreca

The AngularJS angle to Visualforce

If someone had mentioned that I would be working on AngularJS a couple of months back, I would have laughed of with that idea. I am a platofrm purist and can work wonders on the platform. Perhaps use jquery for the little magic tricks here and there but thats there. However, as it happened a few weeks back I was introduced to the AngularJS and I cannot be more excited about the technology. A couple of nights in the past I have been deep diving into EggHead  to learn AngularJS and have seen in wonder the possibility of Angular $Scope powered with visualforce platform. After dabbing myself into a bit of Angular, here is first thought on the technology. The easiest way to implement angular is to include the ng-app on the Apex:page <apex:page applyhtmltag="false" showheader="false" sidebar="false" standardstylesheets="false"> <html lang="en" ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="AngularController"> .