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Leaving a Learning Trail

One of the most worrying aspect of an client engagement is what comes after the successful deployment. In one of my previous role, I was asked out of the blue without any prior warning to deploy a large chain-set containing 19 objects, some close to 380 fields, with 9 interlinked-relationships. Along with that I was to cleanse the data from legacy systems that amounted to 6 digits of records. And all this without a proper plan (I was the one who was supposed to come up with a plan for this) and two days prior to my extended vacation for Diwali. And that too when my mom had promised to make my favourite sweets. But even on that day, when I prepared the plan on the 14 hour train journey from Delhi to Pune and then successfully deploying the whole package after relishing on the sweets, I was not as worried as I always am when I am told to do a Train the Trainers session at the clients office. It is always good to have a train the trainers session and a good company understands that

Code-pattern for Creating Mind-blowing Tabular Reports on Visualforce (With Sample code) has a mind-blowing reporting structure but it limits on data that is available on the system. Can we report on Data that is not present in the system? For e.g., in a time-sheet management system, can we identify the people who have not filled time-sheets for a particular day? Can we report on data that is not present in the system? Can we identify records that are not created? There is one thing I have learned working on platform for last 7 years, there is No No answer in Salesforce. Think a little bit and the answer will reach you. It is somewhat like climbing mount Everest, can you do it? Sure yes, in how many days depends on how fit I am (or how crazy I am) Ok that Everest thing came up because someone did ask me that a few weeks back, moving on. Someone did also ask me about creating a report on missing details and I gave it a thought. The short answer is Yes we can, the long answer is we write a Visualforce page, anyone can tell you that. But what I r