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Chatbots: The future of customer service?

I have been spending a lot of time trying to remodel and train a chatbot, trying to make it as human as possible. The model is not without flaws, event though I have collected a lot of intents from Amazon. This was the presentation I gave on the topic at the London DUG. And to see the chatbot follow this link: Note: Order number: 00001- 00011 Scenario: Your order is lost or you have not yet received your order.

Video: Top ten tips on how not to ruin Salesforce implementation

Another presentation for the London Salesforce Developer Group using mobile app.  When it comes to Salesforce development, we all know what it takes to deliver stuff. Having a certified professional helps you gain a knowledgeable partner but what about the things such as common sense?  We all know how to deliver things on client requirements but what about things that are not mentioned by the client. We will be discussing in details things that will enhance the user experience, focus on tips to read your customers mind and have a bit of perspective on the user experience.