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Salesforce Episode One

Start awesome background score of Star wars, Once upon a time on the lone planet earth, one of the top three planets in the galaxy, while digging into the archives of web, I found the first implementation of This page was designed by 3 developers and was architected by Marc Benioff himself. After trying to promote online, internet base CRM solution to oracle, when no one supported him, Marc Benioff went on to start a company himself. Taking a small startup fund from his former boss of Oracle, he opened in 1999. You can see the Stay informed and Join our Pilot program links below which formed the little community of which grew massively on forums and ideaExchange now. The day was launched only one online newspaper carried an article for it, “The 6-month-old startup, funded by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, among others, will aim the service at companies with 10 to 200 salespeople. It will offer features found in tradition

Blogger app for android phones

Those who do not have patience to wait till you each home, blogger has come up with an official android app. The app looks kinda sleek and ok dokay, considering this is a baby step into app world. Let's hope the android team works hard to upgrade the application. Good thing is, I am publishing the post using android app.

The Myth of Social Media Reality

The Graphic novel of Obelix and Co. by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (from the comic series of Asterix) tells us the story of Menhir. The romans to capitalize the Gauls and capture them, decide to buy the Menhir from Obelix. Seeing Obelix showcase his richness, the villages of Gaul start making Menhir and sell it to Caeser.With Preposterus buying up every menhir at ever-increasing prices, it is not long before the camp of Totorum is filled with menhirs, and Caesar's finances heavily in debt. This causes a real trouble to Caesar and the romans because of one single thing... No one really knows what Menhir are used for!!!! The first and most important factor about Social Media is, it is Menhir, a big rock that everyone is making but no one has any idea what it is used for. When I meet people, they come with flasy names, I am social media manager for XYZ company or I am social media strategist for XYZ company. The big old tycoons of business are worried, what is this storm of S

[Idea] Twitter IVR using or ITR

With Social Media going on complete rhino rampage in the market, more and more companies are jumping the bandwagon opening up their service centers on twitter. This is a good alternative than a boring phone call with a incentive earing, extremely bored tele-operator whose job profile does not include thinking or a rude she-hulk hogan going through rigorousness training on Customer handling and still removes the anger of her husband on unsuspecting customers. But with twitter we are given a most important power, control over data. So can we build a IVR (interactive voice response) system on twitter? lets call it ITW (interactive twitter response) Concept: The idea is, using twitter API we will be listening to tweets to a twitter address, that tweet is automatically fetched using a listener agent (we can use java here) The tweet is then distributed using token and the token can be used to query the data base. The db will return back the possible response with options available