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My story

I had taken up Computer Engineering as my specialization and the only languages we had in our syllabus were 'C', 'C++' and core Java with a horrible touch of machine language (yes we had that), DOS and Unix. It all began in third year of engineering college when all seniors informed that .net was the key to secure job in the future. I was a 'C' language loyalist and c was my home turf. I believed in 'while' loop more than 'for' loop. 'Pointers' were my best friend. However when seniors informed, as any scared college grad would do, I walked into a local shop selling second hand .net books and purchased a black book on .net (buying original complete reference or black book series in pocket money was not affordable). .Net was fairly easy to understand. Only trouble was getting a decent visual studio to develop. Affording a license copy was not that easy and college had to provide a license key (for which had to argue a lot with the com

I have a License, now what?

In December 2012 I attended a Salesforce Foundation roadshow in Bangalore. Many Salesforce foundation costumers had gathered at the venue to listen to salesforce or share their stories. One common complaint that was shared was what to do once I get the salesforce license. A little variation to the complain was, there was xyz who introduced us to salesforce but now he has moved on or has no time for implementation. There were a lot of technical queries on building an app on Salesforce. If you are a non-profit and cannot afford to hire a consultant to configure Salesforce for your needs, you can always use the DIY approach. Building a basic data collection app on is very easy and takes hardly a week. Compiling here is the collection of some implementation questions if you are building a app for yourself without any prior knowledge. What is salesforce? What is To begin with, the very first thing you need to understand is the difference between sales