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Social Media empowering human life.

Well they say India is a developing nation, but is it? Kudos to this brave taxi man.

Some PDF tricks on Visualforce: Landscape, A4, page number and more

The beauty of Visualforce is simplicity. Remember the shock you received when you were told the entire page renders as PDF if you just add renderAs=PDF to the Page tag. For those who thought I spoke alien language right now, here is the trick, to render a page as PDF, we add a simple attribute to the <apex: page> tag <apex: page renderAs='pdf'> This will render the entire page as PDF. Now, say we need to add some extra features to the PDF. Like a page number in the footer or we need to render the page in landscape mode. Faced with this problem, I put on my Indiana Jones hat and went hunting for it in the vast hay-sack of the internet (read: googled extensively). Imagine my happiness when i found a big big page with many big big examples to solve the problem. The document I am referring to is from W3C, paged Box media . Long story short, I now possess the ultimate secret of rendering the page in any format I want. So here are few tricks I learned from the p

Let us reinvent the wheel

Reinventing the wheel is the biggest jargon used in business. It simply means doing the same thing again and again. Whenever I go to any presentation on social media, everyone talks about numbers, so and so network has so and so people. You can use so and so medium to use them. Very few people realize that social media is less about social tools and more about the people. The social tools only provide an easy medium to measure the reach of your campaign. However social media requires faith, faith and passion in your product and your costumer. If the customer believes in your product and you, you will never need any social media strategy to work on because the client will be doing the marketing for you. Ofcourse by doing this we are again reinventing the wheel. This ideology is the oldest written ideology in the world. That's how the man who inventing the wheel sold his idea to the world. Imagine asking people to balance on a wheel in a world that did not know how to stand properly