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Why did I break up with my Eclipse IDE?

The breakup was inevitable. My relationship with eclipse had got sour and more. Most of the time it won't listen to my commands and crave for attention. Many times it crashed without giving any valid reasons. I had lost peace of mind and decided that this relationship has run its course. It was time we seek a legal separation, it was not me, it was eclipse. Two months ago I abandoned eclipse. Yes, it was painful. But it was necessary. As they say if you find your love only when you let go the wrong one (I know I should stop reading Jane Austen for a while). I spend the next couple of minutes trying to find the right replacement for Eclipse but a relationship of 8 years is hardly worth forgetting, is it? A quick Google search highlighted two favorite keywords in one sentence. Anyone who has done bit of coding anywhere knows the power SublimeText has on your mind. Yes the beautiful, colourful, intended code and the ease of search using grep and regex. As mind wandered aimlessly