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Google I/O 10 things you should know

Whenever there is a world-wide sports event happening on any part of the world, I prefer escaping into a meditation trance with a board around my neck, 'Wake me up when the disturbance is passed.' Specially when there is a cricket match involved and entire India suddenly comes to a standstill. I felt a similar tide smashing me on the face with the football world cup. Sports and me are like oil on water, cannot merge not in a million years. But then there was relief yesterday when Google I/O started. Now that is something I would like to get excited about. To be honest, I never followed any technology conferences so closely before (except dreamforce) because adding a new feature to phone is not something I would like to devote my time to. Yes, smart phones are awesome we get it. I don't really like to get excited when the company changes the font and makes a big announcement for it. Save it for the sheep. What was exciting about Google I/O last night (remember I was wat

Improving the user experience using visualforce

One of the biggest question customers have when implementing a CRM solution is how much can we automate the process? Considering that the representative will be spending 8-9 hours on the computer operating on CRM, the biggest question they ask is, 'Are you making my life easier or harder?' During a recent conversation on twitter this question popped up again. Is it possible to auto-populate the values on a visualforce page on choosing a lookup? Lets say you are designing a custom contact manager page. The page contains 4 fields from Account on the page including a lookup. When the user chooses a account value from lookup he would like to see the other 3 fields automatically populated, Sample visualforce code <apex:page standardController="Contact" extensions="AutopopulateController"> <apex:form> <apex:pagemessages id="msgs"/> <apex:pageblock title="Contact Create/Edit"> <apex:pageblocksec