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Summer 10 Chatter in the cloud has done it again, coming in Summer 10, we take a exponential leap onto cloud and a brand new chatter application, openSocial web starts making sense. With Chatter you can follow your objects, records or even users. Its just like twitter on steroids, with twitter anybody can make a tweet, in chatter its everybody in your own organization. You can follow records, objects and applications using a simple click of a button on the chatter section of the page. After that all the changes you follow can be seen on a single page, your dashboard. E.g., You can now follow individual records and see if they have changed: I wish to track changes on the opportunity and want to follow it through the stages, all I do is click on 'follow' of the opportunity record. Also, I follow a certain case which was previously owned by me but now is transfered to someone else. I can keep a track of the items I want to follow, next time I login, and the case is closed or the opportunity has