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Zoho Creator Vs Round one

Zoho creator is an online database system which allows users to create application by dragging and dropping things into place. It also supports importing databases like Ms. Access, Excel etc. It also supports variety of export types as XLS, CSV, TSV, HTML, PDF, JSON, RSS. All this is Googled, yes it is, but I am really looking for here is can Zoho be used to replace application? Why? A person is always lookout for a cheaper alternative for a custom solution, a penny saved is a penny earned. The two systems were tested for the Model- View- Controller pattern and score accordingly. Model The things tested in the two system with respect to data model where, Does it support real-world relationships? Can we set up validation rules Like Zoho Creator can create fields and forms using drag and drop functionality. One of the good thing about this is we can add validation rules using drag and drop. Lookup functionality also exists for relationship between two ob