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Everything you wanted to know about Salesforce Lighting Connect (External Objects)

The world runs of Data. Having correct data can determine if your business succeeds or fails. Since the emergence of Cloud Computing, Data escaped its normal prison of sitting on servers and became relevant. But the most important aspect about cloud was data was not interchangeable. I.e., It escaped the prison but was trapped in a zoo. In a large organisation if there was a need for using more than one system to manage data, it became a development nightmare. Not to mention maintaining multiple connections and data consistency between two systems, middle-wares (if any) and still keeping it under the governor limits.

Salesforce Lighting connect lets you overcome this limitation by using the (soon to be) global standard OData protocol. With external objects you can connect to an external data source like SAP or any other database that uses OData protocol or a simple URL. What this means is you can have orders in SAP and customer Data in Salesforce. Both will be connected together and y…

Have you met the Ghost Records of Salesforce?

This post is very old but it is long overdue. Have you seen the Ghost records in Salesforce? Whenever there is an auto-number field on an Object, it suddenly seems to have gaps in between? For e.g., if you have a auto-number set at 00001 and the next record it creates is 00004. These gaps are sometimes attributed to people who create records and delete.

Auto-number fields
Lets talk a bit about auto-number. Apart from the part that they are cool, they are also very stubborn. An auto-number field resets only once in its lifetime and never turns back. When an auto-number is incremented it does not go back, even if the record is deleted.

So when you delete a record that has auto-number field on it, it will not decrement it by 1 but instead create the gap.

Ghost records
The real crux of the issue lies when developers write unit classes. Developers always create dummy records for testing. The test execution runs in a separate context than the main Salesforce. These records are not seen in th…

The OnePlus One that I am Proud to Have

We live in a world where smart phones are produced faster than universe can produce smart people. With the avalanche of smart phones that come your way and almost every week a new smart phone has a 'launch' it is very hard to stay enthusiastic about it for a long time.
I appreciate the Apple Fans in that regard that they wait patiently and enthusiastically for a phone that is two years late in terms of innovation.
As a disclaimer, I am a Samsung fan boy and while the phones may be dismissed as cheap plastic, it hardly matters for me what the phones are made up of as long as I can chat with my wife on Whatsapp and watch the trailer of the avengers movie at the same time. Yes, as buggy or half baked the multi screen maybe I still like the fact that I can do more than one thing on the screen of my S4.

I started my journey with Galaxy S2, a much awaited and stable version of android that added steroids to mobile computer. When Samsung released the 10.1 tablet, I brought it out be…