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Quick Guide: Salesforce Workflow and Approval process [Infographic]

I got an Email from a new administrator who is learning Salesforce. He asked about the difference between a workflow rule and an approval process. This article is for all those who have just started Salesforce, it does not cover how to create workflow rule and approval process but enlists the difference between the two. For information on how to create one, you can visit this article on Help and training.

The entire process of workflows and approval can be illustrated in the infographics below.

Further reading: Creating Workflow RulesExamples of Workflow RulesAdministrator tip sheet: Workflow: Automating The ProcessChoosing an Approval Process WizardApproval Process TerminologyManaging Approval ProcessesExamples of Approval Processes Questions, comments and suggestion go down in comments below.

My Favorite Winter '15 features by Shivanath Devinarayanan

Out Guest Ninja for the day is MVP Shivanath Devinarayan from Unlimited. Shiva is talking about his favorite Winter 15 features. Handing it over to Shiva
My Favorite Winter '15 features Duplicate alerts and blocking - One of more requested features, but yet not in full power yet due to the Beta release. It embraces the side of Salesforce; you will be allowed to setup rules on how to identify duplicates and will have full control on the process. Currently available for Accounts, Leads and Contacts.  Read more:  ( interface – Now you can have total control over how your Async jobs are processed, with the new Queuable interface that your Apex classes can implement, you can enqueue jobs that you need to process, like insert a bunch of accounts.  Read more: ( Community with Community Designer – Gone are the days where you needed to be an HTML ninja or Visualforce master to have a sharp looking…