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Building a Mobile App faster than it takes to make Coffee Using Salesforce1

The world is moving towards mobile, screens are getting smaller (and larger simultaneously). Cloud has already replaced the need for the computer as we know it and mobile has now stepped up to finish the job. To become a complete customer company we need to cater to every screen the customers prefer.

Now as a platform loyalist (and a purist at that) I find it really annoying that I have to learn a new language (Objective C for iOs and Java for android) just to build an mobile app. But this nagging piece of overwork is no longer a trouble. Have no fear Salesforce1 is here.

The moment Salesforce1 was announced, it is understood that it is a game-changer. Salesforce1 app is to mobile what visualforce did to cloud development, smash it. Generations ahead of its time, Salesforce1 is a treat to all visualforce developers out there to bring amazing functionality to phones. Before we begin, lets get few things clear.

1. Salesforce1 is a way of building mobile apps around Salesforce…