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Living in the Cloud

Cloud Computing is the new phenomenon hit the world. Everyone is busy repackaging their server software with the custom stickers of 'Its about Cloud'. However, there are some genuine cloud providers out there, who offer great service. How to differentiate between the original and fake? Understand what is cloud, this infographic created an infographic to explain what exactly is cloud computing.

During a drinking session with a friend, we got discussing how everyone is taking about cloud. I pointed out that soon cloud is going to replace a computer and he said that was not possible.

Computer will still be needed for many professional work like movie editing, photo editing, animation and a lot other things. But what about personal computing? Can I use only cloud systems and survive for many days?

The short answer is 'yes' I can. The long answer is this blog post. The challenge was accepted, that for seven days I will use only cloud services for my personal computing need…

Infographic: Understanding Cloud Computing and Multitenant architecture

Many people who come to attend a session on Salesforce are very much confused on what exactly is cloud. One of my clients had actually told his rep that they are using this 'website' to improve productivity. While that is one way to put it, it may not be a good idea in long term.

This infographic will remove confusion about cloud if you have any. If you already know what cloud is, feel free to enjoy the infographic (Oh and as usual, this graphic also has some easter eggs, symbolic clues to some ideas, see if you can find them)
(Click on it to see larger version and do not copy without credits.)