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Marc Benioff Dreamforce '10 Keynote Snipets

Yesterday night (Indian time IST) I was doing timepass on the internet (Read: Socializing in the massive social network) when I saw #DF10 hash tag become the 5th most popular hash tag in the American trend on Twitter. As intrigued that I was on the event, I realized that not only are we Socializing, we are trending too.

It was instinct after that I suppose, I knew the one place I could see what was happening there in Moscone Center, SFO right there sitting on my laptop, Salesforce Live where all the events are covered live and on-demand, you thats why cloud rocks.

Some of the spinets of the keynote from Marc with my views on it:
  • Fortune's fastest growing company in 2010.
  • was the first company to use the term "platform-as-a-service."
  • History of collaboration: 1980s: workgroup computing. 2000s: intranet computing today: social computing
  • Benioff says's operation runs on 1,500 PCs.
  • The 1.35 CO2 emmissions (gram CO2 per transaction) for on-premise - .09 for users and .2 for Google users. (If this is true, it is impressive.)
  • Oracle's "cloud in a box" is NOT the cloud, according to Benioff. "We need a cloud computing test" says Benioff.
  • Benioff: "Beware the false cloud" - it is not efficient, democratic, etc. (Yes agreed, but still we have no solid definition of cloud so we can give them benefit of doubt.)
  • When he started he asked why enterprise software isn't made like Now he asks why enterprise software isn't made like Facebook.
  • Much has changed - touch interfaces, geolocation, feeds, push technology, mobility.
  • Benioff talking about Chatter Free now.  (Yes Chatter got free, 5000 user licenses with Developer Account, thats something)
  • Coming February 2011 - (Seriously if this is another product just like twitter, we don't need it. Google learned the less the hard way, maybe will too.)
  • Benioff talking about and Cloud 2 now. Says 50 new features coming to, being announced tomorrow. Promises "huge" announcements.
  • Steve Fish - EVP of technology technology is talking about's total database records doubled in one year, and transactions increased by 50%.(Now this is exponential leap in Cloud Computing, Cloud Database, the demo was impressive. No clear idea if this will be part of Sales and Service cloud or only a new Cloud, means more money.)
A view on some new Clouds on Salesforce:
Chatter was impressive but from what I saw was, Chatter was twitter for co-oporation. It was a collaboration tool to share official documents and information. So far so good. But if is trying to cook up chatter as the new twitter killer, I think its not a good idea.
Its just like Google Buzz or for that matter Google Wave, we do not need another short messaging service. We have twitter and are happy with it. Instead if they think of something to enhance the twitter experience, that would be innovative.
Now, obviously I am taking just now, only time will tell what has to offer. Lets hope I am wrong.
Ok My first question is, how much has paid for this domain name? Its amazing. The demo at Dreamforce '10 was impressive and the whole look and feel of the system was as easy as and as awesome as Not only are they opening their database to corporations, which includes more revenues for them, but also making them easy targets to hackers. Yup, imagine the world data in a centralized location on 1500 pcs, scary isn't it? But hey thats just paranoid me. As long as my bank doesn't hire to store my account information, I don't worry about it a lot.

Will keep you updated, in-case you want to connect with me on twitter, I tweet from @sidoscope

Disclaimer: The keynote has used Read Write web live blogging as reference
The views expressed are individual and not affiliated to any company. This should NOT be used as reference while purchasing of Salesforce licenses.


  1. Excellent post. I am gonna come over again and again to savor it to its fullest.


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