Thursday, November 18, 2021

A monologue on decluttering your mind

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The year 2021 saw me moving into a brand new apartment. The excitement of starting over a new chapter ushered in the uncertainty of where to put few things that were part of the daily driver.

E.g., I had a 5 pounds coffee table that I had got from Ikea. The coffee table had become part of my life for seven years. I kept my feet up on it when tired, I had dinner on it when glued to the television. The table was part of 15% of my living life to date.

And yet when I actually brought it over to the new house, I suddenly found it out of style. Suddenly, it was tacky, bright red and it was unimaginative. My partner was already gunning for it since the day she stepped foot into the house. Like any government in a functioning democracy, the table lost its vote of confidence in the house. We had to give it away.

Red coffee table

And that brings me to another incident that happened at work. When designing a solution for a customer, we came across the problem of cloning the opportunity. This is not a new problem to solve. Many customers have asked for the ability to automatically clone their records. The countless users who have send their goodwill in the universe for the ability of a simple button interface that will clone their record, thus improving speed of operation and thus adaptability.

Therefore it was second nature to suggest what was done for many times before, write an apex class to perform a deep clone. The words were out of my mouth even before I could think about it. Who likes to reinvent the wheel now?

And here lies the problem, like my red coffee table, the solution for cloning the record using apex is now absolute. In this new lightning fast and flowing world, the ability to clone has gone declaritive. More than once, had I stumbled upon a blog that described how to write a flow to clone a record.

But since the mind is full with so much information that sometimes decluttering is the key to efficiently using the mind. Salesforce is an evolving tech and upgrades itself every few months. As new information piles up, it is equality important to unlearn many things we have learned in the past.

Like my coffee table, however, there is no charity that will accept old information. Some information you have to forget to make room for new and better information.

Don't you think?



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