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May the force be with you

There was a time when I used to flash my light saber in a cool Jedi style writing code, customizing things. I used to attend every release and even predict things that would come. I used to proudly tell people, 'Aah that can be done, oh no this is a workaround,' and other flashy things.

But, all good things come to an end. With so many features coming in with Winter 12, I have no idea which way I should begin with. Now, I am looking for Sensei.

I have to learn Chatter, Ruby, Heroku, Mobile Apps, Rest API. Sigh, this is a general cribbing as I open the long length of document to plumb through the Winter 12 release note.

Chatter will be over in a jiffy, Ruby book is purchased, I love Android and REST all is fine. So let me fold my sleeves and get into the release notes and as the tradition older than S-controls, will come up with the geeky my favorite winter 12 feature blog post next.

Hopefully will do it before the next release.

Thanks for listening.