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May the force be with you.

"Good bye, old friend. May the Force be with you."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, to his former Padawan Anakin Skywalker before traveling to Utapau

If you are a fan of Star wars series you will understand the importance of above sentence, this was supposed to wish good luck to the people. The force here refers to the being all powerful, maybe the almighty.

Welcome, the modern era of computer science. The technology has evolved from deskware to webware, where the computing does not actually mean sitting for thousands of hours on a computer.
Infact, with more and more net based application popping up it was about time someone made enterprise level solutions available on the web. gave the answer.

The On-Demand CRM system was one of the many solutions coming online. This was the beginning of a new era. did to SaaS what Mc Donalds did to burgers, anyone can make good burgers, but only Mc Donald can assure you that the burger you get will be hygenic, safe and healthy.
They build the proper infrastructure for it.

Similarly anyone can come up with a website to do a CRM's work, but only can assure you that your data will be safe and the speed of operations will be increased.

The cloud computing market is picking up and there are more and more people coming up with their own SaaS product. I am working on for past year and I realize this site has done wonders. Literally wonders to the world.

I was amazed at the computing power utilized by the With Visualforce you can make magic, yeah... literally magic (If you can't, then start following I will be doing some magic here too.)

All the code posted on the site is royalty free and can be used, but I do not guarantee the code to  work. Please use it at your own risk.