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See you next year ForceDotCom

Hello there long time no see? I have been very very lazy and sloppy in updating this blog for quite some time. This have been pacing around, as usual is changing before The Flash could run half way across the world and return. I missed a post about Winter 12 release and by the time I could muster courage to write one, lo Spring 12 is here.

Oh well so is holiday season and a complete new year is standing outside. So where have I been? Aah, for one, published a book to help all those ForceDotCom Geeks out there. The book would come out in the month of Jan and a big should out goes to the community and Salesforce for being so cool. 

You can preorder the book out here for now, it is also available as RAW e-book. 

So what next now? I have already prepared quite some surprises for the people who want to get into serious coding but let this year pass on. Plus some great deeds coming on SCRM front with Salesforce and Radian 6.
I am revamping this blog, might as well move it to my wordpress server. As you can see a new design is underway and yes for once, I am going to stop these stupid post where I do nothing but give updates. Lets wait for some more days and come back fresh!!!!

Happy holidays,
See you next year
May the force be with you.


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