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Blogger Copying prevention Widget

To prevent unwanted people from lifting off your hard written content from blogger, I have written a simple JavaScript widget to digitally lock the content together. The code simply prevents people from using right-click and select text function of the browsers.

To install the Braniac DigiLock:

Installing Instructions:
Use the one click express installer button on the sidebar of Sidoscope, add the widget to your sidebar and it will create a image of lock as above on your sidebar, which can be moved to any corner of the page.

If you have too many widgets on your blog, it is recommended that you move the code on top so that it loads faster than the wi


1) Is this 100% foolproof method to protect the blog?
This may not be a 100% foolproof method but it does make the content stealing harder from your blog.

2) What does this code actually do?
The code simply takes control of the browser and prevents the overrides the text selection button and right-click function of the blog. It also adds a small image to your sidebar, which links to the installer of the code so that your friend bloggers can know.

3) I want people to select text but I do not want them to copy images.
Please email me your id, I will send you the code.

4) What all browsers does it code work?
The code has been tested on IE 6, 7, 8, Mozilla 3.5 +, Chrome, Opera and Safari on windows and Linux, however I cannot assure you if this works on all browsers existing. They should work on browser working on DOM model, in simple words, test it on your browser and give me feedback. 

5) Does this code protect my content everywhere?
This code only protects your blog, your content can be picked up by search engine, your feeds and other places also like, these loopholes you have to take care of. 

6) Will my blog crash with the code.
I have myself used it in my blog, it has not crashed. Even if it does tamper-hamper or destroy your blog, remove the widget from it,

7) Can I use it on WordPress also.
I myself have not able to understand Wordpress, but my friend Pramathesh has managed to install it on his blog. Please contact him.

8) Do I need to link the image to your blog.
My blog has the installer on it, I would suggest you to keep the link open so that others can also be benefited by the code.

9) What are the ways I can still overcome the widget and copy content.
Meet me in person, I would like to see you and take your mug shot for future reference.

10) Why don't you charge for this.
This code is not a rocket science it is a simple Javascript, I am a blogger myself and I don't like people stealing off stuff from my blog. I do accept donations thought.


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