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I started working on Salesforce on winter 09, since then Salesforce has gone on steroids, with so many excellent and superb technological advancements coming up in newer and newer releases, that I sometimes feel afraid I will fall behind catching up them.... ok so far I haven't.

With the introduction of sites, Salesforce has gone a million miles beyond CRM and you can safely say, it is a novel web-based products which is so simple to use, that you need not be a web guru to use it. Of course you do need developers to develop it (or I will stay hungry) but the simplicity of use is what Salesforce excelled on.

As always this year Salesforce is revolutionizing the world, what with the launch of Apple iPad and the forthcoming Google Crome OS, this year is a revolution for Cloud Computing.

However, with the year beginning with a bad presentation from Google and also the same old stone age technology from Apple (iPad was not expected from the people who made the dent in the universe) I …

Ajax Animation Images for Visualforce

Continuation of Ajax Animation Post

Here are some brilliant Animation for you to use.

The last one is used by SFDC Standard.

Happy New Year

I know I am a lot of late for new year wishes, but I am really busy switching cities nowdays. I will be settling down after 15th.

Guess what? I managed to replicate around 60% of salesforce using visualforce, the benifits? The critical processes where we want to add our own stuff into salesforce which is not possible can be achieved with it.

I succeeded in creating a very complex products module, as well as a email on attachment module.

I will get you the code soon.

As you can see, the design of the site is undergoing changes, I am trying to implement a new design which is getting very slow and steady, due to my shifting.

Do suggest changes if you find some.