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The IT failure

Came across a really interesting article on big IT failure. Quoting from the article.

“Things tend to break after a while,” says Mr Budzinski.

Many companies extended their maintenance contracts, but, at some point, that won’t be enough and IT systems will start failing on a large scale.

Predicting IT failure is not a hard thing to do. When you deal with tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of servers, data storage systems, network equipment, etc, it’s a relatively simple statistical exercise.

“There’s a big crunch coming,” says Mr Budzinski. Companies will start to experience ever greater IT failures unless they start buying new hardware.

Source: Znet

Well, completely agreed. You see necessity is the mother of invention, and this is the necessity for the hour. Your business cannot flourish, if not for automated IT process but why bother about hardware, computers and stuff?

Just leave it to professionals who do it the best. The cloud computing model, where all you bother about is content.

And with big and reputed names like, Google, Amazon, Microsoft are coming into the picture, Cloud Computing seems the next best evolution in IT computing after the internet.